1966 Ford Mustang Fastback GT

1966 Mustang Infos VIN Number Decoding WARRANTY NUMBER
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Vehicle Identification Numbers (Warranty Number) 6= letzte Zahl des Jahres, Baujahr des Autos (66 Baujahr) F= Herstellungsort (F=Dearborn, R=San Rose, T=Metuchen) 07= Body-Typ (07=Hardtop, 08=Cnvertible, 09=Fastback) A= Motor Code (T, C, A, K) 100001= Herstellungsnummer (Nummer 1, erstes produziertes Auto) Body Type Identification         Engine Code Identification 63A  2dr Fastback, standard:         27.809 gefertigte Autos         200cid 1V 6cyl 120hp  T 63B  2dr Fastback, luxury:               7.889 gefertigte Autos         289cid 2V V-8 200hp   C 65A  2dr Hardtop, standard:         422.426 gefertigte Autos         289cid 4V V-8 225hp   A 65B  2dr Hardtop, luxury:               55.938 gefertigte Autos         289cid 4V V-8 271hp   K 65C  2dr Hardtop, benchseat:        21.397 gefertigte Autos 76A  2dr Cabrio standard bucket    56.409 gefertigte Autos 76B  2dr Convertible luxury            12.520 gefertigte Autos 76C  2dr Convertible bench seats    3.190 gefertigte Autos Gesamt: 607.568 Autos Außenfarben / Lackierung / Codes G - Saphire Blue (Shelby GT350)          A - Raven Black T - Candyapple Red Lucite® Code - 4735L                             Lucite® Code - 88 Lucite® Code - 4737LH Duco® Code - Not Available                   Duco® Code - 44 Duco® Code - 4737H Dulux® Code - 181-97774                      Dulux® Code - 93-005 Dulux® Code - 93-97902M R - Ivy Green                                          U - Tahoe Turquoise         H - Sahara Beige                                                                                                                                                 Lucite® Code - 4611L                                Lucite® Code - 4297L                 Lucite® Code - 4740L                Duco® Code - 4611                                         Duco® Code - 4297                   Duco® Code - 4740      Dulux® Code - 181-97327                               Dulux® Code - 181-17008     Dulux® Code - 93-97779                      F - Arcadian Blue             Y - Silver Blue               Z - Sauterne Gold                                             Lucite® Code - 4070L                                     Lucite® Code - 4692L      Lucite® Code - 4742L Duco® Code - 4070                                        Duco® Code - 4692                    Duco® Code - Not Available Dulux® Code - 93-94122                                Dulux® Code - 181-97547          Dulux® Code - 181-97781 V - Emberglo                                           M - Wimbledon White         4 - Silver Frost                            Lucite® Code - 4700LH                                  Lucite® Code - 4780L Lucite® Code - 4733L Duco® Code - 4700H                                Duco® Code - 4780            Duco® Code - 4733                       Dulux® Code - 181-97770H                            Dulux® Code - 93-96923 Dulux® Code - 181-97772 X - Vintage Burgundy 5 - Signal Flare Red P - Antique Bronze Lucite® Code - 4490LM Lucite® Code - 4741LH Lucite® Code - 4738L Duco® Code - 4490H Duco® Code - 4741 Duco® Code - 4738 Dulux® Code - 181-96933H Dulux® Code - 93-97905 Dulux® Code - 181-97777 K - Nightmist BLue 8 - Springtime Yellow Lucite® Code - 4734LH Lucite® Code - 4699L Duco® Code - Not Available Duco® Code - 4699 Dulux® Code - 181-97773 Dulux® Code - 93-97769 NOTE: The first letter of a two-letter paint code identifies the body color. The second letter identifies the roof color. (For example, the combination YM on a Ford would indicate the body finished in Silver Blue and the roof area in Wimbledon White.) Paint code for all models are shown on the plate on the rear face of the left front door.                                                     Innenfarben / Lackierung / Codes White Light Ivy Gold Lucite® Code - 9138L (semi-gloss Lucite® Code - 9266LH (semi-gloss) Parchment Medium Ivy Gold Lucite® Code - 9263L (semi-gloss) Lucite® Code - 9136LH (semi-gloss) Medium Green Medium Palomino Lucite® Code - 9093LH (semi-gloss) Lucite® Code - 9137LH (semi-gloss) Medium Beige Light Turquoise Lucite® Code - 9051LH (semi-gloss) Lucite® Code - 9144LH (semi-gloss) Medium Aqua Medium Emberglo Lucite® Code - 9154LH (semi-gloss) Lucite® Code - 9260LM (semi-gloss) Dark Turquoise Dark Emberglo Lucite® Code - 9153LH (semi-gloss) Lucite® Code - 9259LM (semi-gloss) Light Blue Light Silver Lucite® Code - 9147LH (semi-gloss) Lucite® Code - 9265L (semi-gloss) Medium Blue Medium Silver Lucite® Code - 9135LH (semi-gloss) Lucite® Code - 9264LH (semi-gloss) Dark Blue Red Lucite® Code - 9152LH (semi-gloss) Lucite® Code - 9262LH (semi-gloss) Burgundy Black Lucite® Code - 9261LM (semi-gloss) Lucite® Code - 88 (semi-gloss) NOTE: To obtain a gloss comparable to the original interior finish add approximately 1 oz DuPont #4528 flattening compound to a pint of unreduced color. 1965-66 Buck Tag Information
Buck tags were used in 2 plants during 1965-1966 Mustang production. Dearborn used them first then Metuchen however I have only seen the Metuchen ones. San Jose never used the buck tag system. The buck tags purpose was to notify line worker that some hole or modification needed to happen during assembly on the shell or sheet metal. Some codes as of yet remain to be decoded.
Code Decode 4 SPEED Factory installed 4 speed manual transmission AIR COND Factory installed air conditioning BS  (65 only) Unknown, something only in 65  (Seat Belts) CLEAR Clear Windshield HP High Performance emblem K (65 only) Unknown, something only in 65  (Backup Lights)  All the bucks I have seen that had this code had backup lights which were a option in 65 PI  or  PIO GT Options, Performance Image Option RM Remote mirror STEREO 8 track player and door speakers TINT Tinted Glass TOP-? Various convertible top combinations e.g. manual or auto white or black (? = letter or number) V8  or V-8 289 emblem VINYL TOP-? Various vinyl top combinations (? = number) WL Warning light X Export